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In 2007 I started teaching a vocal performance class as an adjunct professor at Columbia University through the Music Performance Program.  In 2017 I joined both Hofstra and William Paterson Universities as an adjunct professor of voice.  Besides teaching studio voice, I have created a course at WPU for singers to develop their skills as text interpreters and theatrical explores.  In addition to my private voice studio, I continue to teach voice online at The Levine School of Music in my hometown of Washington, DC.  I have led masterclasses at Mercyhurst College, North Central College, Pittsburg State, and Philander Smith College.  My vocal studies have been with Edith Bers, Cynthia Hoffmann, Charles Williams, and Rosa Lamoreaux.  While at The Juilliard School I received language coaching from Corradina Caporello, Richard Cross, Thomas Grubb, Gina Levinson, and Kathyrn LaBouff.  I have been coached and mentored by Stephen Blier, Nico Castel, Margo Garrett, Kenneth Merrill, Diane Richardson, and Brian Zeger.


       Mind and body

When I was a student at Interlochen Arts Camp in 1994, I took my first Alexander Technique class.  It was so foreign to me, but it was the first experience I had with listening to my body. I continued to take Alexander while I was a student at Juilliard (with Lori Schiff, Ann Rodiger and Lynn Rosen).   In 2003, looking to explore a more dynamic mind-body practice, I took my first yoga class.  In 2005 I started my teacher training in Santa Fe, NM and upon receiving my certification from Prajna Yoga in 2006, I started teaching classes in NYC.  Simultaneously, I began to embark on teaching voice.  The mirror held up between the two rich practices was undeniable.  I have come to understand that physical awareness and an effort toward connecting the brain and body in a mindful way are the gateway to vocal freedom and artistic expression.  Influenced by my training as a registered yoga teacher and my experience with meditation, Pilates, Alexander Technique, and Whole Body Focusing, I prepare students to safely delve into their instrument’s abilities.

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